Practices to generate in the link building

Create links to the original content

To achieve this, the editor or webmaster looks for sources to generate outgoing links within the content that is being built and if yours complies with the requirements, it can be taken into account without the need of any economic agreement.

Create news

Let's say you have important news that no one else has covered, based on this idea you have all the chance to win because if you are the first to generate the content and this is important, other news websites can reference you as the main source of the news. information.

Create content with the purpose

It is content designed to be used specifically by other websites. They can be tutorials, white papers, evergreen content, image repositories, dictionaries, or information databases.

It manages to do the link exchange

If you are in the middle, you may have colleagues with whom you can support. Talk to them and propose to link their page if they do the same with yours. If you have more than one web page, you can play with them by exchanging links. This point is very important since you can achieve to improve your domain authority or page rank.

Social networks

You must create a social media strategy. Keep in mind that Google is indexing the profiles and publications of social networks. For each new page or entry, you make on your website, you must create a publication on each social network with a copy that links to your site. If people share your publication, this will give importance to search engines to index you.

Participate in forums

The forums are very popular on the Internet, many people look for answers to questions, tutorials or comments about a topic. Search the Internet for forums that cover your topic and share your entry, try not to generate controversy and be successful in your comments.

Create quality content

These are items that require a level of effort greater than a news item, record or coverage. This type of input can be an opinion piece that generates value for readers. The original content requires reporting, research, and interviews. These types of entries are striking thanks to the fact that they provide quality content. If you are going to do one, we recommend you base yourself on the topics that are more circumstantial, so you will have more opportunity to be linked.

Notes based on trends

If you want your pieces of content to have more visibility, you should keep attentive to the topics that are being trended. Our recommendation is that you generate content according to the most short-term issues. You can check Google Trends or social networks, mainly Twitter hashtags.